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Igniting the next stage of growth. By 2016, Quartesian had established itself as an innovator in the field of data management and biostatistical programming— relied on by a number of global CROs, pharmaceuticals, and biotech companies. Up to that point, most of their growth had been organic, without a substantial marketing plan or investment. To reach their full potential, they decided it was time to put a true branding, marketing and lead generation foundation in place. One that could fuel their continued growth.


What we did

Rearchitect both the brand story and the website experience. - Phase 1 of our program was lead generation, pure and simple. Once we’d begun to fill the pipeline, we got to a point where Quartesian as ready to take a fresh look at their brand — from messaging, to look and feel, to a comprehensive multi-channel marketing program. 

Speed, quality, and savings are common talking points in clinical trial management. In order to differentiate Quartesian, we took a different approach. Because they are masters of clinical trial data, they can offer unmatched value in helping sponsors manage the massive amounts of data needed to run their clinical trials — helping them find faster and more efficient ways to get to FDA submission. This was brought to life in our new message: Take Control of Your Data — The better you understand your data, the better you can take back control of your trial.” This theme helped us tell the story of how Quartesian’s clinical data services deliver the quality, expertise, and speed needed to propel studies forward.

Brand Action

200% growth in the sales. 98% growth in revenue.

More Impressions
1,699,938 digital campaign impressions
Increased Leads
69.4% growth in website leads
Increased Sessions
$397 cost per digital customer acquisition

Building off our new theme “Take Control of Your Data”, we developed a new logo, and launched a new Hubspot-powered website, social media program, organic and paid search, trade shows and more — teaming up to create a tremendous success story, now entering the fourth year of our partnership. 

“A rebrand is a real challenge. But Garfield helped us navigate this journey, and our new brand received very positive responses from the moment we unveiled it at the DIA annual conference. But it’s of little surprise to me. Garfield’s been looking out for me and my team since day one and has helped us grow at a staggering rate.”

Stephen Boccardo
SVP Commercial Strategy and Business Development, Quartesian

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