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Update and Unify a Brand for Growth - Founded in 1997, Marlin was initially known for “micro-ticket” lease financing for manufacturers, covering everything from copiers to construction equipment to software. As time passed, Marlin’s offerings became siloed — causing confusion for customers as names like Marlin Leasing, Marlin Finance, Marlin Broker Services, etc. made it appear that services were being provided from 12 different Marlins. By early 2018, Marlin was ready to solve their naming problem, but also put themselves in a position for growth — ready to introduce new products and services directly to small business owners, and ready to compete in the new fintech economy.

What we did

A Strategic Rebrand: One Marlin for All - After conducting research, the Marlin marketing team and Garfield were able to identify a number of key brand objectives that would unify Marlin’s naming structure, and adjust the brand story and look and feel to meet changing market conditions. Marlin’s relationships were traditionally with its channel partners (manufacturers), but in order to grow and offer more services, it had to establish a direct connection with small businesses themselves.  

Said Jeff Hilzinger, Marlin’s President and CEO: “Marlin’s new logo incorporates a shape called the ‘spark,’ which symbolizes the energy, capital and knowledge Marlin injects into small businesses, allowing them to grow and prosper. Marlin’s new website (www.marlincapitalsolutions.com) features videos with customers and partners reflecting on their relationship with Marlin and how the company helped them achieve their business goals. The new tagline, ‘Lending that Works,’ speaks to the helpful, agile, trustworthy, approachable, and informal voice behind the new brand.”

By capturing the gritty reality of small business — allowing owners to tell their Marlin story in their own words, we gave the brand authenticity and emphasized Marlin’s ability to create strong personal connections.


Brand Action

A New Brand – A Company Poised for Growth

Increased Users
+58% in users / +47% in new users
More Page Views
321% increase overall / 107% increase per session
Increased Sessions
+103% overall with a 155% increase in duration

The centerpiece of the new brand was a comprehensive new website which lets Marlin create engagement paths for partners as well as small business customers. The site was built with lead generation in mind — supporting multiple forms, quoter tools, and ways for prospective partners to call in. The site was also integrated with Marketo, Salesforce and TrustPilot, allowing Marlin to engage and nurture prospects across the customer journey. These customer touches include new on-brand financial statements, and invoices provided by OSG, Marlin’s billing partner.

The new brand and website acts as a platform for Marlin to introduce a new set of products and services directly to small business customers. In addition, the new website provides Marlin with valuable customer data, giving them the opportunity to target customers more intelligently, expanding their relationships and their lending footprint.

“At Marlin, we have a solid history of serving quality financial services to small businesses — and we value those relationships. Our new brand reflects all of the services we can offer to new customers, and the kind of experience that they can expect from Marlin. Additionally, our new website capabilities allow us to leverage data to grow our current customer and partner relationships. Garfield Group took pains to make sure our values were reflected across the new brand, and you can really see that in the final result.”

Aswin Rajappa
CMO, Marlin Capital Solutions

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