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Relaunch the CloudPay brand to position the company as a true challenger brand and thought leader in global payroll, with a digital presence designed for lead gen and growth.

Global payroll is a huge challenge — between legislation changes, language and cultural differences, and other challenges of managing a sprawling multinational workforce, the complexity and risk exposure of running a global business demands forward thinking solutions. CloudPay, a next-gen, cloud-based payroll solution, identified a key strategic opportunity to take care of compliance for multinationals, leveraging powerful analytics to uncover strategic workforce insights while collecting, aggregating, and applying big data and algorithms to payroll data.

That’s a lot of value to communicate digitally, so CloudPay developed a robust inbound marketing strategy to reach an audience hungry for solutions for their pain points. They developed plenty of high quality, valuable content, but needed a brand foundation and the digital infrastructure to help follow through at all points on the customer journey. To persuade risk-averse C-suites to switch from behemoth brands to a lesser known, but more technologically advanced solution.

It was an ambitious ask, but we knew that with bold, impactful creative and a strong marketing foundation engineered to generate, convert, and nurture leads, CloudPay would communicate a value prop that could turn the category on its head.


What we did

A full rebrand and website leveraging HubSpot for powerful, centralized inbound marketing and automation.


Step 1: Building a Compelling Brand

First, we worked with CloudPay to craft a comprehensive rebrand — including new brand positioning, a new logo, and a new creative brand expression. We leveraged industry insights to push the brand message beyond today’s payroll “status quo,” articulating the value of a single, global platform with the analytics and business performance insights necessary not only to stay compliant, but also to gain a strategic edge.

With new messaging, a slick new look and feel, and a brand that did justice to CloudPay’s industry-disrupting innovation, it was time to execute — a task that spanned everything from the new website to sales materials to whitepapers (which we affectionately named “Cloudpapers”).


Step 2: Launching a Powerful, Beautiful Website

The website was a key focus, as it was responsible for fueling CloudPay’s sales efforts and engaging prospects in the initial stages of their buyer’s journey. We knew it could work harder, though, not only attracting leads but also nurturing and converting them. CloudPay needed a platform that could support their inbound goals, leveraging their high quality content throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from lead gen to conversion and customer service. They’d also need a CMS that would allow for powerful, easy-to-use content publishing, optimized for SEM. Enabling CloudPay to perform A/B testing, derive actionable insights from analytics, and adjust their strategy based on findings.

With that in mind, choosing HubSpot was a no-brainer. Not only would HubSpot provide the power and flexibility needed to build out a stunning site, but it was the best choice for analyzing site performance and optimizing it over time — based on real-world user activity — to engage, generate, and nurture leads.

In addition, HubSpot’s elegant user experience and highly responsive support team ensured a seamless handoff to CloudPay, who would continue to use the CMS to publish high quality content. From creating optimized landing pages with clear, high-impact forms and strong CTAs — with no coding necessary — to promoting that content with data-driven email campaigns, CloudPay could independently manage all aspects of their inbound marketing strategy.

Then, we got to the fun part: designing a new information architecture and user experience, centered on educating potential customers about CloudPay solutions and using stronger, more compelling visuals. We’ll let the pictures tell the story:

Brand Action

50% more site traffic, 60% more qualified leads, and a W3 Award

Increased Traffic
50% increase in site traffic and leads
More Traffic
Web traffic increased by 17%, organic traffic by 20%,
Better Leads
60% more qualified leads, 56% were qualified

In the first 30 days after implementation of the new site, CloudPay saw a 50% increase in site traffic, which also boosted leads by 45% month over month — with continued improvement over time. In two months, overall web traffic increased by 17%, organic traffic shot up 20%, and bounce rate reduced 10%. Time spent on the site increased by nearly 30%.

In part due to a killer brand, in part due to a commitment to inbound marketing, and in part due to HubSpot’s centralized marketing platform, CloudPay earned 60% more marketing qualified leads. 56% of these turned to sales qualified leads, up from 40% prior to the relaunch.

Moreover, the CloudPay website won a W3 Award in the Website Computer/IT: Software category for its creativity, usability, navigation, functionality, visual design, and ease of use. The W3 Awards, hosted and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, honor creative excellence on the web and receive nearly 5,000 entries annually. Entries are judged by executives at acclaimed organizations including Conde Nast, Disney, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Microsoft, Wired, Yahoo!, and more.

“Garfield Group dove in with a strategic approach from the start; we uncovered industry insights which informed and improved the ROI not only with our new brand but also on our website. The solutions-focused approach continues to deliver real value through a combination of strong brand expression and well-designed user experience. This was one of the easiest transitions possible, and we look forward to seeing how the rebrand and the new website continue to contribute to CloudPay's success.”

David Barak
Head of Marketing, CloudPay

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