See Philadelphia Education Fund’s “I am College Material” Video

Posted by Heather Begley

“I am College Material” video debuts at Philadelphia Education Fund’s “Educate Philly” Gala

Philadelphia Education Fund is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide the opportunities and skills Philadelphia’s students need to achieve college and career success. Through scholarships and on-site guidance at high schools in low-income areas, they make college possible for those who may have thought it was out of reach. Changing lives. Unlocking potential. Improving our city and community.

We’ve been proud to partner with PEF on a number of initiatives, and when they asked us to create a new video to educate and inspire donors and partners at their annual gala event, we were very happy to jump in and help.

“I am College Material speaks to breaking through the economic and perceptual barriers that often holds talented high school students back from preparing for, applying to, and attending college,” said Bryon Lomas, Garfield’s VP Creative Director. “Working closely with the PEF team and our video production partner Mack In Motion, we captured the inspiration of the Philadelphia Education Fund.... helping students follow their dreams and put college within their reach.”

The video premiered at the Educate Philly gala luncheon and master class, attended by Dr. William Hite, the Superintendent of The School District of Philadelphia, former governor Ed Rendell and former mayor John Street.