Bring On 2020: Three Marketing Questions You Should Ponder Before Mapping Out Next Year’s Strategy

Posted by Alexis Sawyer

While most are basking in the last few months of 2019, CMOs and their teams are focused squarely on 2020. At Garfield, we’ve been connecting with our client roster of top marketing execs, diving into hot topics like hyper-personalization, experiential marketing, sales process friction, B2B social influencers (are they a thing?), and the push for more interactive content. Take a look at some of the most provocative things we’ve been talking about for 2020 and what they might mean for your own annual planning. 

Has the content monarchy fallen? 
Content has been King since the dawn of the digital age. But maybe it’s time for Content to step aside and give Measurement the throne. Looking to 2020, producing great content is just not enough. It also needs to be measured  –– so you can see who’s receiving the message, how many people are engaging with it, and if it’s moving anyone through the funnel. Sure, the content must be stellar, but if you don’t have eyes on the metrics how do you know if it’s working? So today, maybe it’s Content and Measurement ruling together –– guiding everything from platform selections to digital placement to the use of social in pursuit of more effective results. 

Optimizing for zero — sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s your way to the top?
As Forbes recently stated, “Being No. 1 is no longer the goal.” As we all know, SEO strategies have long been about earning the No.1 position –– but oh how times have changed. Now, it’s all about reaching for “position zero,” creating strong snippets, optimizing for mobile, increasing dwell time and CTRs. The digital world doesn’t really play fair and digital performance is a moving target. Your digital marketing plan needs to be nimble and adaptable — and it must morph right alongside you. 

More testing and less doing? It’s marketing’s chicken vs. egg.
It’s not a new idea that testing makes marketing better. But to test you must do, and you should never do without a test. (See what we mean about the chicken vs. the egg?) Yes, things like persona, buyers’ journeys, and market research certainly help inform initial assumptions and strategies, and there is no better way to find out what makes your audience tick (and click) than identifying what doesn’t. Don’t put the chicken before the egg –– or the egg before the chicken, for that matter –– ensure you align your testing strategy with your 2020 marketing strategy for fruitful results.

Need any help planning for 2020?
The moral of our story: 2020 marketing starts with a well-coordinated plan –– a measurable, adaptable, performance-driven plan. It’s not too late to get started, aligned, or activated. Have any provocative questions swirling around in your mind for 2020? We would love to help you find the answers.